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For over two decades the senior faculty have been guiding individuals and groups into deeper states of awareness. Young in age, wise in timeless spirituality, they strike a deep connection and rapport with audiences across all strata of society, and all parts of the world. Collectively they have helped several hundred thousand people discover greater levels of happiness, fulfillment, success and love in relationships.


Senior faculty member, was born on 11th May 1975 in Andhra Pradesh, South India. He has engaged in numerous rural development projects in South India, contributing to the social and spiritual development in around 150 villages. Over the past decade he has addressed spiritual conferences in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Stockholm, Moscow, Adelaide, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Hannover, Berlin, and Tai Pei.

He oversees all international activities of One World Academy.

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Twitter Updates of Anandagiri Anandagiri's Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now...

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Senior faculty member, was born on 28th August 1976 in Karnataka, South India. Her programs for the educational, governmental and corporate institutions across India are highly respected. She has addressed audiences in most European countries and also on the various channels of Indian television for years.

She oversees One World Academy’s programs in India.

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Twitter Updates of Samadarshini Am a spiritual teacher. We are a group of 17 friends at OWA. our friendship has extended over two decades. I love people & love to help them find joy...

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