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Krishna was born on 17th August to Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, who are today renowned spiritual leaders and founders of the Oneness Movement. Born into a family with a spiritual tradition, he was instilled with spiritual values and a passion to reach out to people ever since childhood. When he was barely seven years old, his father founded Jeevashram, a boarding school modeled after ancient Indian Gurukula Patashala system.

For Krishna, awareness had always been a natural way of living. Perhaps it was this state of consciousness, which was so natural to him, that served as the basis for the phenomenon known as the ‘Gift of Presence’ or ‘Blessing’ which began during the year 1989.

Around the July of that year, Krishna, a student in the school, began to experience a transcendental Presence within him. By connecting to this inner Presence, he was able to heal his friends and help them experience expanded states of awareness and love. When he shared this with his father, he enquired if Krishna could transfer this experience of the Divine Presence to his friends and other children in the school. Complying with the wishes of his father, Krishna found that through a process of touch and intent, he could transfer this experience. The experience itself was unique for each.

The phenomenon soon came to be called ‘gift of presence’ and began to spread rapidly, attracting individuals from across the world. The benediction that started in the heart of a young boy began to spur transformation in the lives of thousands of families. If one person experienced a deep sense of calm through the gift of presence, another had a profound insight that cut through binding beliefs and brought clarity of perception. The gift of presence could cut across dogmas and cultures, helping them experience a deep connection with themselves and the Presence. Not only that, everyone who received the Blessing or gift of presence could now help others connect through the same process of touch and intent. This phenomenon soon came to be called "Deeksha" and began to spread all over the world.

As this phenomenon grew, nurtured and guided under the aegis of Oneness by Sri Bhagavan, Krishna graduated from school and began to actively pursue his career. In accordance with the tradition of the family, he married Preetha in the year 1996, who from then on has been an integral part of all his achievements and success.

When he was around 21 years old, he felt an inner calling to help his father in the cause of creating a better world. Together they conceived the idea of a spiritual university, which would support this vision. Not only would this university have several campuses to offer programs that would help participants be free of conflict, but would also house a massive structure where people from across the world could gather and meditate. A responsible individual, Krishna took upon himself the task of building the university, which was to be called ‘Oneness City’.

The project was initiated in the year 2000. At the heart of this place would be the ‘World Oneness Center’, housing Asia’s largest marble, pillar-less meditation hall. The first phase of this project took 7 years of dedicated effort and was inaugurated in the year 2007. A magnificent structure that combines ancient architectural principles with contemporary engineering, the World Oneness Center is today a destination for many seekers world over.

Even as he worked untiringly to fulfill the enormous task of bring the World Oneness Center to completion, Krishna felt touched by the living conditions in the villages in and around Oneness City. Being passionate not only about helping them resolve inner conflict and live happier lives, but also to transform the social conditions of the villagers, Krishna, his childhood friend Anandagiri, along with a team of committed volunteers spearheaded projects for social development in these villages. Their aim was to bring about better living conditions along with creating happier people.

The years 2000 – 2007 were very dynamic in the life of Krishna. Apart from striving incessantly to complete the mammoth projects he had undertaken, the very same years also saw him create several successful businesses.

His life took an extraordinary turn when in late 2009, at the age of 32, he decided to found One World Academy – a spiritual organization, along with his wife Preetha. Together they have created an organization that is free of dogmas and teaches people to live in awareness of one’s thinking and responses, the universal self and the interconnectedness of existence.
The programs and courses offered by One World Academy reflect his perceptions on life and living, conflict and achievement, awakening and oneness. They are not based on any particular religion, though they bring in a fresh perception to conventional concepts. The principles and practices taught in these programs do not serve as moral or ethical codes to life; rather they prompt a spirit of observation and enquiry into the fundamental assumptions that create conflict.

Their integrity, wisdom and friendly nature is an inspiration to the faculty of One World Academy, a team of young individuals with a spiritual background of 15 – 20 years, whom they mentor regularly. They also travel around the world, addressing audiences both large and small, guiding them towards a life of awareness.
In early 2010, they have also created a service oriented, non-profit organization – One World Foundation. The Foundation primarily focuses on supporting the underprivileged children of the world.

Young and brilliant, the couple now lives with their seven-year-old daughter in Chennai, India. Learning and sharing inspires them and drives them.

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