Our Website Visitors in real-time

Prepare to be impressed!

We want to show you how truly global our website is. This globe displays our online and past visitors on a rotating 3D Earth globe composed of actual NASA satellite images. Click on the Planet and orbit around the planet as if you were in space. Move accross the planet in search of our visitors. This globe is updated in real-time!

  • Red blinking dots show online visitors in real-time 'now' (Find yourself on the Globe!)
  • Yellow dots show past visitors
  • Click Globe to zoom in

Our visitors by country

  • Every time a visitor from a new country vistits our web page, its flag will go from black & white to color.
  • Recent visiting countries will blink.
  • Hover over a flag to display the name of its country.
  • Click a flag to display the map of its country.

Where 'on earth' our visitors come from


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